GCSE stress

G.C.S.E. Revision Stress

As I support my 16 year old stepson as he enters week two of his GCSEs I have been recalling my own experiences of studying and exams.  The feeling of not being prepared enough, the painful conversations with friends before exams who claim to have do loads or no revision.  The clock at the front; the smell of the school hall; the teachers ‘Pacmanning’ up and down the exam hall!  It seems like it was just yesterday in so many ways.

Try your best is what I keep hearing myself say; put in the work and it will pay off.  He slogs away reading; writing notes; (of course post it notes are inevitable in this house!) and saying things out loud.  No one can say he’s not putting in lots of hours and effort, even on his 16th birthday.

Whatever we think of GCSEs there is no doubt our young people are tested far more than 20 years ago.  The importance placed on grades and levels is phenomenal and that stress is felt by our young people.  Helping them to cope with the pressures is crucial for their mental health.

Something that I have found useful in my own life and that I encourage with my own children also is mindfulness.  It’s being used very effectively in schools across the country to help calm; de-stress and put children in a frame of mind for learning.