Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a phrase that we often hear.  We want our children to be lifelong learners.  We know it’s crucial to their ongoing development and economic survival.

But do we practice what we preach?  When was the last time you had ago at something new?  Spent time reading something that stretched your brain; that made you think differently, that challenged your assumptions?

In one of my coaching session recently I reflected on the amount on ongoing learning I was engaged with.  When I get busy I know it can be too easy to become reactionary to keep turning the hamster wheel and not to stretch myself and learn new stuff.

And what excuse do I use?  TIME of course!  If only there was somewhere you could go to look things up, to hear an author talk about their (or someone else’s) theory or model…

Lifelong learning doesn’t have to mean sitting reading a book for hours or attending conferences (although of course both are brilliant).  A two minute YouTube video can also add to the knowledge bank and help us in our work.

Here’s my recent bit of YouTube learning on the Zone of Uncomfortable Debate  (Blakey and Day, 2009) explained by Ian Day, useful for thinking about your coaching conversations.