I’m Willy Wonka! Which Roald Dahl Character Are You?

Here at Intuition TLC we are passionate about lots of areas of life…… Children. Education. Adult Learning.  Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Self-development.  Literature – especially books by Roald Dahl.

Why Roald Dahl in particular?

Because these are the books that made me laugh as a child, that made me cry with delight and that I read to, and with, my children when they were young.

We hooted at snozzcumbers in the BFG, giggled with delight at the antics of The Twits (grimacing a little at the images in our mind of the food in Mr Twits’ beard!) but our all-time favourite was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Quite simply a child’s dream!  A visit to Cadbury World, whilst great, just didn’t meet up to our expectations! What no chocolate river or oompa lumpas?!

Now my children are teenagers I don’t read them a bedtime story (which I miss greatly!).  But, through reading the great books of Roahl Dahl and others such as J.K. Rowling and Michael Bond (to name just two!) we have a shared love.  A love of the stories and a love of the language, the new words and concepts created.

So today on what would have been his 100th birthday, here at Intuition TLC we think it’s glorimptious that someone has sorted some of Roald Dahl’s characters into their MBTI types.  I’m thrilled to learn that I share being an ENFP with Willy Wonka!

Click on the image of Willy Wonka to find out which character you share your MBTI with!

Willy Wonka Quentin Blake

If you don’t know what your MBTI type is get in touch to find out about our one to one MBTI sessions at Intuition TLC

We also work with teams and through the MBTI you can start to understand the different characters that make it a phizz-whizzing, whoopsy-splunkers team!

Happy Birthday Mr Dahl – thank you for the words, the stories, the laughter and the love of reading.

For those not proficient in Dahl speak click here for a Dahl Dictionary http://wonderfuldahl.blogspot.co.ul/p/dahl-dictionary.html?m=1

*Illustration by Quentin Blake