The Wheel of Life

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I spent some time thinking about the balance of all the different elements there are to my life.  How happy I was with certain elements, and how I wasn’t so happy with other parts.  As I was sat scribbling in a notebook my husband asked me what I was doing, “self-coaching I guess” was my reply.  I’d drawn a wheel of life and had jotted down lots of notes.  “Looks like New Years’ resolutions” was his response when he looked over my shoulder.

life-wheelResolutions are not just for January!  There are many points throughout the year for me when I think about doing things differently, about how I want to improve my areas of focus.

So I offer to you a tried and tested coaching technique called the Wheel of Life.

It’s really simple.  You can use the template on our Wheel of Life Termly Download by clicking here !  Don’t forget to review in a few months to see how you’re doing.