Are you leading change or is change leading you?

The speed of political change over the last year has been simply dizzying; generating more questions than answers in virtually every sphere of public life. From our experience of supporting school leaders in managing structural change, we know that most educators fully understand the need to respond nimbly. However, it is harder to carve out time to anticipate and plan for change with so many uncertainties about future expectations of schools from the full range of modern school stakeholders.

Our change management programme ‘Fit for Change’ guides school leadership teams in planning for a range of potential changes and consequently stay in charge of change, not merely survive it.

Our work has shown that the content of change can create its’ own distractions, as most leaders are driven to accomplish the tasks of change. Through Fit for Change, we focus on the process of managing change, which remains constant, regardless of the scope, application or specific objectives of the change. Research on successful change leadership demonstrates that when leaders attend to supporting, coaching and guiding the individuals whose behaviours need to change, sustainable change happens. Our definition of sustainable change is change that produces lasting improvements in leadership and management behaviours which generate better quality learning and teaching for all for the young people who are in your care.

Our holistic approach to adult learning recognises both the need to achieve ‘quick wins’ for your change initiative, and the requirement to develop your leadership team’s skills and experience of leading change for the rest of their careers. This requires sharpening your analytical skills to identify priorities and the red herrings that so often soak up leadership time when you need to transform some aspects of your school, adjust others incrementally and meanwhile keep the school open for business as usual.

The only prediction of what will happen in future education is that change leadership will continue to be a fundamental skill required by all school leaders. Once you have taken part in a Fit for Change programme, you will be able to profoundly understand the change process and how to lead change to the ultimate benefit of your pupils and students, regardless of the origin, scale and scope of the change demanded of you.

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