Our Mission Statement

”We believe that getting the right staff, performing at the right level and being held to account by effective and balanced leaders is the key to school improvement and pupil progress.”

What We Do

The TLC in our name is fundamental to what Intuition-TLC stands for:

T:     Training; Teaching; Trusting

L:     Leadership; Learning; Loving

C:     Coaching; Change; Challenge

Our passion is learning, whether that’s in a training room, a coaching session; part of a recruitment process or at a large conference. We help people to learn; we then support people in applying that learning for lasting change. For organisations, changes will result in less conflict in the workplace, a more motivated and productive team and happy and effective leaders.

For you, as an individual, changes could be around improving interpersonal communication; a renewed clarity on strengths and areas for development to make you more effective, balanced and happy

Founded by Yolanda Morley-McKay in 2012, Intuition TLC’s work has grown over recent years and utilises the support of specialists in different areas of learning and development, HR and education. This team of colleagues includes people with expert knowledge of school leadership; conflict management; recruitment; school improvement and leadership development. They may be serving Headteachers or senior school leaders or those who have recently left the profession; education consultants who have previously worked on National College or TDA contracts or consultants with experience in the business sector who bring new approaches to our services.

We quality assure all our colleagues to guarantee the content and delivery is compatible with effective models of adult learning and our TLC approach. We are not about experts delivering training lectures but about experts enabling learning.

Why Intuition TLC?

We are passionate about Myers Briggs Type Indicator © and the founding Director Yolanda has a very clear preference for Intuition ‘N’. This encapsulates what we wanted it to be about: trusting what might be; connections and possibilities.

You can find out more about our TLC approach in our TLC Defined guide.

Find out about the Intuition TLC team here.

 Memberships and Accreditations

The British Psychology Society 

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 

Oxford Psychologists Press