Fit for Change

Dates for the programme are on the website; click HERE to find out more.

Intuition TLC are co-owners of Fit for Change ©, the toolkit for dealing with change. If you are about to introduce a new approach or initiative in your school then the Fit for Change © programme will give the change leaders the confidence, skills and resources to manage it effectively.

Fit for Change is delivered as 4 face to face Learning Events:Fit for Change Leaflet

  1. Clarity & Vision
  2. Analysis, Planning & Impact
  3. Situations & People
  4. Impact & Evaluation

These events are interwoven with access to online coaching, bite-size learning and reflection opportunities.

The programme can be delivered in school with a group of leaders all working on one initiative or there are open access courses across the in the West Midlands. Further information can be found in the leaflet to the right.

Values and vision

From achievement to kindness; responsibility to excellence; school websites cite various values that underpin life at that school. But what do these actually mean? Are they transferable to any school? Do you see them in action in the canteen or playground?

Whether with governors, senior leaders or the whole staff we can support you in agreeing the values and from that developing the vision for your school.

You may want to utilise a range of consultation tools and techniques that we’ve used in the past for identifying the values within a school. Or you may want us to create a series of bespoke events to support the process.

What we do guarantee is depth and breadth of discussion and challenge of assumption and norms. We also guarantee that we will constantly ask ‘what does this look like, sound like, and feel like in your school’. It’s easy to write a ‘Mission Statement’ incorporating your school values and vision; it’s harder to identify what that actually looks like in practice.

Get in touch to start a conversation about how we can support you with your school’s values and vision.

Organisation Self-Review

This organisation review is built on the principles of McKinsey’s 7-S framework. This model involves seven interdependent factors that need to be aligned and mutually reinforced for an organisation to perform well.

We use an online diagnostic which asks questions relating to each of the seven areas in turn. From this it is possible to seek feedback on a various aspects of school life namely:

  1. Vision
  2. Organisation
  3. Systems
  4. Building Capacity
  5. Climate
  6. Leadership
  7. Human Resources

The diagnostic can be used across a whole school team or different sections of school staff and stakeholders. Using the results of this diagnostic it is possible to identify issues or potential issues within your school. From these results we work with senior leaders to create an organisation development plan.

The diagnostic works best with a minimum of 10 respondents; is completed online and results are fed back to senior leaders during a face to face meeting.