Coaching has been established for many years as a highly effective tool for development in schools. Many school leaders are effective coaches and many are having very good professional conversations.

This training programme is suitable for anyone who is currently in a role where they are required to coach colleagues. During the session, usually one day in duration, you will consider developing your coaching skills beyond listening and questions. Utilising the Hay Group’s Coaching Process workbooks you will complete a self-assessment questionnaire and during the programme you will consider:

  • Which role you are in when you are having conversations with colleagues
  • The importance of preparing for coaching; contracting and setting boundaries
  • Principal instruments of coaching in detail (questioning; listening and silence)
  • Methods that increase conscious perception in your coachee
  • Coaching concepts such as: limiting and empowering beliefs; logical levels
  • From the self-assessment questionnaire you will be able to:
    • Review yourself as a coach in four core areas: preparation; techniques; qualities and the coaching conversation.
    • Plan for your development as a coaching

Each INSET is designed for you and content may vary according to the skill and experience of the participants. Our learning environments are fun and interactive, giving you a chance to learn new skills through discussion, practice and self-reflection.   We encourage all participants who attend this programme to come prepared to coach and be coached, this reduces the need for role play scenarios.