Conflict makes people less productive. It can seriously damage a team’s morale and performance. It can fester and corrode working relationships.

Does conflict get avoided in your school? Does all conflict get resolved in a collaborative way? Or does one person always ‘get it sorted’?

There is no right or wrong way of dealing with conflict. How you deal with conflict in one situation may not be appropriate for another. Understanding your preferred way of dealing with conflict (using the TKI) enables you to adopt different styles of conflict resolution for different situations.

A conflict workshop gives you an opportunity to:

  • Build an awareness of your preferred way of dealing with conflict
  • Evaluate your effectiveness in dealing with conflict in different situations
  • Recognise and understand how other people deal with conflict
  • Assess different strategies and practice using them to develop the skills involved in dealing with conflict effectively.

Our learning environments are fun and interactive, giving you a chance to learn new skills through discussion, practice and self-reflection.