This programme is essentially a practical, interactive exploration of how leaders can influence their teams more effectively by raising their self-awareness of their own behaviour and how it can influence the behaviour of others.

You’ll work on live examples of your current team relationships to develop your leadership, coaching and motivating skills. Following input on Emotional Intelligence models, you will use the Appreciative Enquiry learning framework to explore, consider and apply Emotional Intelligence models to develop your own leadership behaviours.

This programme is designed to explore self-awareness, self-management and effective relationships. Through a variety of activities participants will:

  • Consider what emotional and social intelligence is and explore a model which informs effective learning
  • Review competencies associated with emotional intelligence
  • Assess how emotionally intelligent they are and create an action plan for self and team development
  • Develop practical tools and approaches to develop their emotional intelligence further.

This programme is tailored to the needs of your school. It’s best delivered over the course of a whole day, although it can be adapted to take into account time constraints.