There are three steps to having difficult conversations:

  1. Gaining clarity on the situation
  2. Overruling avoidance
  3. Starting the conversation

We’ve all stumbled at one of these steps at some point in time. Perhaps it’s wading in before truly understanding the situation. Or putting off saying something that needs to be said?

Usually in a three hour workshop we will take you through each step leaving you prepared for your next difficult conversation. As a participant in the workshop you will:

  • Review your motivations for having the conversation& consider the different personalities involved and the impact this has
  • Explore what stops you having a difficult conversation
  • Consider how the conversations can go wrong
  • Consider how to overcome procrastinations
  • Practice using tried and tested models for having difficult conversations
  • Practice having your conversation
  • Make a plan for having the real conversation!

Our learning environments are fun and interactive, giving you a chance to learn the skill of having a difficult conversation through discussion, practice and self-reflection.