Personal effectiveness and wellbeing is a crucial area for any staff member. With more being added to job roles all the time, undoubtedly you will be busier, but are you being effective? Are you taking care of your work-life balance?

It’s easy to joke about having a work-life balance at times; to scoff; roll your eyes and say “I wish”. These training sessions are designed with the particular needs of the group in mind. The group can be a cross section of school personnel. This development session is usually delivered in six hour session. It will help you:

  • Analyse how you spend your time
  • Consider different approaches to prioritising tasks
  • Look at strategies for managing your time better in particular how you deal with:
    • Meeting
    • Phonecalls
    • Visitors
    • Paperwork
    • Emails
    • Diary management
  • Understand the symptoms of stress and how to spot them in yourself and colleagues
  • Consider some of the core principles and techniques of mindfulness that can be used to help deal with stress.

The session is delivered in a thoughtful, reflective and needs led manner. Each participant will leave the day with a plan for making positive changes in their work and home life. Participants often utilise some of the Personal Development tools via one to one support sessions with an Intuition TLC associate.

Take a look at this short video from TED ED on how stress effects the brain.